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Teachers and School Personnel

Welcome educators!

Your input into college planning and advocacy for students make a tremendous difference! Thank you for your evident concern for your students’ academic success. Another webpage titled "Parents and Students" includes links to help you chart and support your students in terms of defining a pathway to college and:

  1. Courses they need to complete
  2. Examinations they need to pass
  3. Grades they will need to earn for admission to the University of California

These links will:

  • Help you to understand California’s system of higher education
  • Connect you with people and programs in your school that can help students succeed
  • Suggest ways in which students and families can prepare for college from pre-school (yes, pre-school!) through the 12th grade
  • Alert you and your students to critical dates, deadlines, and other “signposts” along the way

Preparing for college involves understanding and acting on a lot of information. Please remember that UCSB staff are here to support your students throughout your planning and preparation process.