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Transfer Students

UCSB Office of Education Partnerships (OEP) has developed this transfer student “portal” to summarize transfer information presented by SBCC, UCSB and regional partners. Our goal is to contribute to increased enrollment of transfer students in 4-year programs.

OEP staff are trained to supplement students’ knowledge and awareness of transfer resources. Quite often, program leaders stay in contact with former UCSB program participants and offer on-going mentorship, help with goal-setting and advice on how to prepare for enrollment in a 4-year institution. They share information about UCSB faculty, staff, and student employees with transfer students, and contribute to a positive transfer experience. Committed OEP staff and undergraduate student mentors have helped many transfer students realize their goals and succeed in 4-year degree programs.

Though it comes with challenges, the transfer student’s journey is worth considering in terms of its potential to increase future career options. The Office of Education Partnerships would like to offer tools to assist prospective transfer students as they chart their transfer pathway.

Up to date information for prospective transfer students is available via these links:

If you are a former AISP, MESA, Pathways or other OEP associated student, and would like to contact your program leader for more information, please call:

UCSB Office of Education Partnerships
Phone (805) 893-3105
Fax (805) 893-3871

Links to Key Transfer Student Resources and College Information

UC Transfer Guarantee Admission Application
CSU Mentor
SBCC Transfer Academy

For STEM Majors

UCSB Cooke Bridges Program

Links to Transfer Applications

University of California
UC Application

SBCC Application

Financial Assistance
Cal Grants
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Fast Web
Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara
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