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9th Grade

GET TO KNOW YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR. Let your counselor know that you want to attend college. Map out a preliminary four-year plan that ensures your completion of all college-preparatory courses required for university admission. Pay special attention to the need for English, mathematics, foreign language, science, social science, and arts and humanities classes. Remember that in order for the courses you complete in high school to fulfill the University of California's admission requirements, those courses must appear on your high school's UC certified course list. Your course list is available from your school counselor, UC admission counselor, or at:

TAKE BEGINNING ALGEBRA (if you didn't already do so in 8th grade).


USE YOUR SCHOOL'S CAREER CENTER to begin identifying your college and career interests.

CONTINUE-OR BEGIN-TO PARTICIPATE in any pre-college programs (such as Cal SOAP, EAOP, MESA, or Upward Bound) that your high school might offer.

AS YOU HAVE TIME, participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, student government, clubs, and community organizations.

ASK COUNSELORS about appropriate summer programs offered at your school, in the community, or at local colleges and universities. Check out UCSB Summer Sessions at: