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6th Grade

STUDENTS - depending on which school you attend, 6th grade might be the beginning of your middle school experience, or it might be your last year before junior high school. Whichever is the case, the progress you make in the 6th grade is vitally important to your ability to successfully complete college-preparatory course work in the 7th through 12th grades.

STUDENTS AND PARENTS - you will want to work together to ensure that you are "on track" in mathematics and English. These two areas are referred to as "gatekeeper" areas. That is, if students do well in mathematics and English, they will have access to the classes they need in junior high and high school in order to qualify for college. If they do not do well, they often are placed into non-college preparatory courses. Students who take non-college preparatory courses have limited options when they leave high school. You will want to have the most options available to you, so that you can choose the type of higher education you undertake and the type of career you have after high school.

TOWARDS THE END OF THE SIXTH GRADE, you should begin planning for the classes you will take in junior high. Many junior high schools offer advising sessions for entering students. You should contact your local junior high school to find out about early advising and registration sessions. Parents and students-attend these sessions together, agree on a good course of study for junior high, talk about classes that might be particularly challenging, and identify resources (tutoring programs, before- and after-school programs) that can help you to meet these challenges.

ASK COUNSELORS about appropriate summer programs offered at your school, in the community, or at local colleges and universities. For example, you could attend a UCSB summer camp! Check out UCSB UCSB Summer Camp programsand the Young Writers Camp of UCSB's UCSB's UCSB's South Coast Writing Programfor more information.