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11th Grade

TAKE ADVANCED ALGEBRA (or higher) and college-preparatory English.

CONTINUE TO COMPLETE foreign language, science, social science, and arts and humanities courses required for University admission.

FIND OUT IF YOUR SCHOOL IS OFFERING ANY TRIPS TO VISIT college and universities. Visiting college campuses will help you decide whether or not you want to apply.

REVIEW COLLEGE CATALOGS in your career center or on-line at college and university Web sites. Reviewing college catalogs is one good way to find out more about the school.

REGISTER TO TAKE THE SAT. Ask your counselor about SAT fee waivers. You will want to take the SAT in your junior year or early in your senior year. Take advantage of any test preparation services that your school offers.

LEARN ABOUT THE FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION PROCESS. Attend any financial aid workshops that might be offered at your school.

BEGIN TO RESEARCH COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS with the help of your school counselor or career center. Scholarships often have early application deadlines-don't miss out on opportunities for financial assistance.

ASK COUNSELORS ABOUT APPROPRIATE SUMMER PROGRAMS offered at your school, in the community, or at local colleges and universities. Check out UCSB Summer Sessions at: