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Partner with OEP

UCSB’s Office of Education Partnerships collaborates in innovative ways with education leaders, community partners and schools to reduce gaps in educational achievement across the pipeline. With a strong sense of purpose, OEP staff members improve educational outcomes for underrepresented students by working on various fronts.

You are invited to contribute to OEP’s efforts and help reduce barriers to participation in higher education.

  • Individuals Help OEP
    • Volunteer commitments and assistance as tutors and mentors for OEP programs
    • Presentations to students and parents about their educational and/or career path
    • Funding referrals, links to closely aligned groups and relevant news

  • Businesses Help OEP
    • Sponsorships for educational forums, competitions and recognition events
    • Offers to match employee donations and support for giving campaigns
    • In-kind donations of goods or services

  • Community Partners Help OEP
    • Access to personnel and site resources for student field trips
    • Working with OEP to ensure culturally relevant educational outreach in local schools
    • Cross promotion and referrals to OEP programs

  • Schools Help OEP
    • Sharing educational materials, collaborating on college planning workshops and providing access to regional college visits
    • Offering access to student records (Transcript Evaluation Services) and ensuring open communication with OEP program leaders to help them assess student needs and measure program impact
    • Ensuring on-going communication, access to parent organizations, introductions to school counselors and other resources to support their students’ academic achievement